Friday, August 15, 2008

Tooth Fairy, Part Deux

The Princess lost her second tooth in 14 days. She now has two open spaces on her bottom front teeth. So cute! Of course, I was grossly unprepared as usual for this event. I decided I would give her a dollar for her first tooth and then add a dollar for each additional, so I needed two dollars, except I only had twenties...
I figured she wouldn't know or notice that it was a $20 and then I could switch it out later. First thing she says is, "The tooth fairy gave me a 20 dollar bill!" DAMN! I'll figure out a way to fix it and get back on track, you watch!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Birthday Blowout

Last Saturday (July 26) was supposed to be the birthday party for The Princess' 6th birthday, but it all fell completely apart by 11:30am on the day of. It started the day before when I got a call from the mother of girl one that she had an ear infection. That was one out of three kids. Saturday morning I got the call that girl two (whose house we were supposed to be going to for the second half of the party) had been throwing up all morning. That left my friend's son. The entire plan was to meet at Chuck E. Cheese at noon for pizza and fun and then go to girl two's house for swimming, cake and gifts. Now that we were down to one friend and only Chuck E. Cheese, I was not interested in spending the next few hours at Chuck E. Cheese. Without the swimming and being at a friend's house afterward it suddenly seemed very tedious. So, by the time I got a hold of my friend to tell her that it was just the three of us (my friend was just dropping her son off so it was the two kids and me) it was 11:30am. Her only reaction was, "but I have plans, what are you going to do now, maybe you should just cancel". I was a little upset to say the least and it's hard to explain the whole conversation here, but suffice it to say, The Princess and I had a fun time on her birthday, sans "friends".

Friday, August 1, 2008

Tooth Fairy

The Princess turned 6 on July 23 and lost her first tooth today. She is so excited about the tooth fairy. She commented that her tooth is really small, "will the tooth fairy be able to find it"? she asked. So cute. I know it's a little overdue, but I haven't figured out exactly what I want to do. And leave it to Thomas to tell her (without discussing with me) "That's $2!" I was thinking of going out and buying a bunch of $2 bills. She already has one that I can use for tonight that she doesn't even know she has. I'm such a cheater! You have to in order to stay sane!