Friday, May 30, 2008


Is it considered professional to start your emails with Hmmmm? I think not. AAHHHH!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Free Day for Mom - Not

My daughter, The Princess, was sent home early from school on Thursday after complaining of an earache and having been checked and discovered that she had an "elevated temperature". Hubby went and picked her up as I was spending all day in offsite meetings. She had woke up crying the two previous nights but I couldn't get her to communicate what was wrong, so I chaulked it up to bad dreams. Thursday morning she complained of a sore throat so I pumped her full of Vitamin C and crossed my fingers...You see, Friday was a day off from work for me so I was really looking forward to having a "free day" to myself while she was in school. No such luck. I had to keep her home from school and take her to the doctor on my "free day". She did end of up having an ear infection and sore throat (oops)! The difference between kids and adults being sick is that unless the kid is down with a high fever and ear and throat pain (nothing that a little Tylenol doesn't cure) they are just as high energy and crawling up the walls as any other day. Whereas, when we are faced with the same symptoms, we can't get out of bed for a day or two. So, she would complain her throat hurt, I'd give her Tylenol and 20 minutes later she'd be back to herself. This went on all day every 4 hours. Today, she hasn't even taken any Tylenol after only two doses of antibiotic. I'm thankful though, because it is Memorial weekend and we would both go crazy having to spend 4 days in the house together.