Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 Resolutions

I am putting my resolutions in writing this year because I am hoping that it makes me stick to them. Once January 20 passes and I leave 45 behind I really need to get my act together. Also, it will be interesting to look back next year and see where I am and if I succeeded. I sure hope I do because I'm sick of all the talking about it but not doing anything to make it happen, so here goes:

1. More patience
2. Exercise/Eat better (i.e. lose weight)
3. Cut back wine consumption
4. Cut back smoking

Let's keep our fingers crossed. Happy New Year!


Salome said...

I love how your resolutions are to cut back on wine and smoking. Not stop them, just to cut back. You are truly a friend of my heart. :)

skroll said...

Gotta be realistic for it to work, ya know?