Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Paws 1 - Racoons 0

Last night I was calling for Paws to come in from the back yard around 11:30pm. Usually she comes right away, but not last night. I kept calling and even walked out past the house in the back and she still didn't come. I couldn't hear or see a thing, so I checked the house for the second time to make sure she wasn't inside ignoring me. I finally put on shoes and traipsed out to the back in the dark to where I finally heard her running around and then all of a sudden this weird barking (undog-like barking) sound and rustling in the weeds/trees and it kept going on all the while I was yelling "Paws!". Then suddenly, whatever she was fighting with jumped up into the tree. I think it was a racoon but couldn't be sure. Paws won and without a scratch or bite this time.


Salome said...

Your backyard scares me. :) That loooong back part with all the trees is like the jungle. It is a good thing you don't have cats or you'd probably have a bunch of dead stuff.

skroll said...

the funny part is there are feral cats all over the place. I wish they'd find our garage and clean out the rats! NICE, huh?

Salome said...

Eeew, rats. They probably do, but since they aren't attached to you, they don't "GIFT" you with the dead rats, or dead rat parts, or evidence of dead rats, or blecch. The whole thing is gross.